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Why Your Lawn Needs Aeration & Overseeding in the Fall

Core Aeration Infographic by McClain Group Web Consultants

Routine lawn care is the key to a healthy, beautiful lawn. Aeration and overseeding help prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months and help seeds germinate when spring returns. This is a winning combination for improving your lawn’s appearance come spring.

Increase the Health of Your Lawn & Prepare it for Winter

Core aeration is a lawn care service in which a machine is run across your lawn and mechanically removes plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch from the lawn. Your grass needs air, water, sunlight and nutrients to grow deep, strong roots. Core aeration helps loosen compacted soil and provides access for nutrients, water and light to penetrate deep down into your lawn. This allows grass roots to breathe and grow deeper in the soil to create a strong, well-established lawn.

In order for Kentucky lawns to survive the harsh winter weather and return full and strong in the spring, they need to be at their best. Over time, the soil in your lawn becomes compacted due to foot traffic, weather and even the lawn mower. This inhibits the flow of nutrients to the roots of your grass. When your grass doesn't get the proper nutrients it needs, it becomes more susceptible to diseases, pests and harsh weather. Without aerating in the fall, your lawn can become sparse and thin and will struggle to grow once spring returns.

Help Seeds Germinate When Spring Returns

Aeration pairs perfectly with over-seeding as it improves seed germination by providing your grass seed with a safe hiding place away from pests, lawn traffic, wind and frost, allowing them to successfully take root and germinate when spring arrives. Seeding without aeration leaves the seeds exposed to snow, frost and intense cold making your grass seed investment less effective and decreasing the chances of the seed germinating successfully.

Increased Resilience Against Lawn Pests & Diseases

When your grass suffers from soil compaction and thatch, it doesn’t receive the proper nutrition to grow strong. This deficiency causes your grass blades to weaken and become more susceptible to pest infestation, fungal growth & diseases. Core aeration allows nutrients to penetrate down to the roots, which strengthens its immune system and resilience against common lawn issues

Improved Lawn Appearance

At Versailles Lawn Care in Versailles, KY, our goal each and every day is to improve the lawn appearance of our customers. When your lawn is healthy, strong & free of diseases and pests, it looks its best. Our core aeration service delivers the necessary nutrition to your grass to keep it looking thick, lush and green. Since core aeration allows grass seeds to sink deeper into your soil and germinate undisturbed, lawns serviced by Versailles Lawn Care who receive our core aeration and overseeding combo service will benefit from a fuller and more vibrant appearance free from sparse patches.

Call us today at (859)353-3006 to learn more about our core aeration and overseeding service and/or schedule a FREE consultation and estimate for service.

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